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Fix 10 Common WordPress Errors Easily?

WordPress being a hub to millions of websites on the globe attains various errors and in this article, we will help you out with clearing the 10 most common wordpress errors.

Numerous errors in WordPress can be sorted out through easy default settings and some require a little enhanced knowledge of WordPress but don’t worry we will help you out with the easiest solutions on the market. 

The white screen

Fix 10 New common wordpress errors easily - White screen
Fix 10 New common wordpress errors easily – White screen

White screen error in WP is very often and can be cleared through easy steps. White screen error is one of the common wordpress errors that occur due to some error in the frontend or admin panel. This is a very common error and many users can encounter this error. 

In order to resolve this error, you will have to go to recent activities that you performed on your website and then click on the last update. In the last update, you can see various changes that you have done since now and you will have to go and update all the plugins and other activities that are available for update. You can visit 5 Simple Tactics to Easily Update Plugin in WordPress.

After updating you will have to refresh your website and you will see your wordpress website instead of a white screen. 

If your error is still not resolved you will have to go and roll back your wordpress to the default theme and then if it still won’t work you will have to go and re-install wordpress again. 

Make sure while installing wordpress you will have to install the latest version available. 

Database connection error

Fix 10 New common wordpress errors easily - Database connection
Fix 10 New common wordpress errors easily – Database connection

A database connection is one of the common wordpress errors that happens when your WordPress database isn’t connected to your server and this is one of the common errors that is established if you misspell any kind of word in your URL. One of the easiest ways to resolve this error is to go and check whether you have spelt everything correctly. 

After doing so if your error is still not solved then you will have to use the wordpress repair tool. The wordpress repair tool is available on your dashboard and you can view your database connection status here and in that, you can easily go and tap on fixing the connection issue to resolve this error. 

If your issue is not resolved you will have to go and contact your hosting provider and ask for troubleshooting. 

505 Internal Server Error

505 internal server error is another few common wordpress errors that can occur frequently and there is no specific cause on how this error is encountered but you can easily resolve this through various methods. 

One of the easiest methods to resolve this error is by deactivating your plugin. Now make sure in this error you are not able to encounter your web page and admin panel. You will have to use your file manager to deactivate the plugin. After visiting the file manager you will have to go and check by deactivating plugins one by one. There is a 70% chance this will resolve your error. This also resolves various common wordpress errors.

Now if your error is still not resolved you will have to go and increase your memory limit and that can also be done through file transfer protocol. Increasing your memory limit can provide wordpress space thus your error can easily be resolved. 

If your error is still not resolved the last thing you can try is to go and switch to your default theme. 

404 on posts

404 error on wordpress is quite frequent errors among various common WordPress errors and one of the biggest reasons for this error to occur is the miss matching of links. To fix this error you will have to check the destination and your database connectivity and make sure everything is working fine. 

You can easily resolve this error by changing your link and overcoming various settings through the dashboard. If you have changed anything in your post, make sure you recover the previous version as that can be the only thing causing this error to occur. 

This error can also occur if your update is not installed properly and for that you will have to go to the wordpress website and then switch the maintenance mode on, after this mode your dashboard will get locked and you can easily update your WordPress.

Memory exhausted error.

 Memory exhausted error occurs if your theme or plugin requires more space than available. This error can be resolved through various precautions while installing a new plugin or theme. This is one of the common WordPress errors that can be resolved easily through easy steps.

If you want to resolve this error some of the easiest ways are increasing your PHP memory size or you can just deactivate your plugin.

Connection Timed Out

Connection timed out error is one of the common errors that occur If you are using shared web hosting. This error occurs if there is an overloading condition in your shared web hosting service. To resolve this error you will have to go and increase your PHP memory size. 

WordPress Login Page Refreshing

If you are getting wordpress refreshing errors while logging into your website, then one of the most common reasons for this error is if you put incorrect values in your site URL. 

You can also go and configure your permalink settings as it can be the reason for the error to occur. 

You can also try resetting your password through your “PHP – my admin” settings. 

403 Forbidden Error

403 forbidden errors can be encountered if you’re surfing through your wordpress website. This error mostly occurs if your plugin is not configured properly. 

To resolve this error you will have to fix the corrupt .HTAaccess file. Make sure you do this through your FTP and delete the file from the server and store it on your computer while doing this. 

Various other ways to resolve this error is if you enable your index.php location or you can also contact your service provider or hosting provider. 

WordPress Sidebar Below Content

WordPress sidebar errors often appear on your wordpress screen either on the right or left side.  

This error occurs if your DIV tags are not closed, to resolve this error you will have to check using your HTML validator. 

Syntax Error

Syntax error in WordPress occurs if you try to add new code and that code is relocated to a different space. To resolve this error you will have to check your code and make sure you re-write it properly. 

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In this article, we learnt about various wordpress errors that occur frequently while using WordPress. To resolve these errors there are various solutions provided to you and most of the solutions include increasing the storage and checking your updates frequently. 

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