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How to Display “This Site Uses Cookies” Cookie Notice in WordPress?

In this blog, we will have a detailed look through ‘what is cookie notice’, ‘how shall one display a cookie notice on his/her WordPress site’ and ‘where shall it be displayed’, what is the WordPress cookie plugin, and what are the best cookie plugins, how to Add cookie notice in WordPress without adding a plugin externally, doing it manually, and a lot more.

Let’s quickly dive into knowing about what are the different types of WordPress cookie plugins, we can adopt into our WordPress site to make sure that we can add a cookie notice and compliance on your WordPress site. The best cookie plugins for WordPress include Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent, Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner, EU cookie law, and a lot more. Links are at the end of the article.

Why do WordPress plugins use cookies?

What is the use of cookies in your WordPress site?

The solution is simple. By default, WordPress uses a certain amount of cookies for authentication purposes. To store session-based information for logged-in users and optimize their preferences onto the website. And, the usage of this cookie info is of different types.

  • It also sets cookies, as both refer to the site owner’s preference, the user, and the admin.
  • When someone leaves a comment on your site, it becomes a cookie.
  • Apart from this WordPress plugins can make a set of their own cookies to store different information to make the customer or the user experience more specified and more customized by the past experiences.

Cookie Consent Plugin

How Do I Add Cookies to my WordPress Site?

  • Under the cookie settings, checkout for cookies and click on cookies to open the cookies setting page.
  • Now, manage the cookie settings and consent management along with the site data options.
  • And, on the next page you will have a list of all cookies and site data being stored on your browser.

But for all websites, you have visited you have eventually have added the cookies to your WordPress site.

Do I Need Cookie Consent On My Website?

Definitely, because:

  • Essential cookies would be cookies that are used to remember basket items during the making process and shopping online such as adding to cart, adding those lists and a lot more.
  • Similarly, necessary cookies have a different kind of consent. And sometimes, it doesn’t need specific consent too.
  • The cookies are optimized, as per the specific needs. As the what the information is stored, and according to which categories the information is stored.

This is where the cookie consent plugin searches for the consent and updates it in the database.

Installing Cookie Consent Plugin

  • Click on install on, and then click on Activate once installed.
  • Once done, click on settings, save changes and refresh the site to see what has changed.
Cookie Notice
Cookie Notice
  • Now, get back to your website and check whether your cookie consent banner is successfully up on your website and has been activated successfully.
  • Once this is over you have successfully made your cookie consent banner appear on the website.

How to Add Cookie Consent.

  • In your WordPress site, enter your WordPress dashboard,
Cookie Notice
  • Head over to appearance and head over to elements.
  • Now click on ‘Save Changes’.
Cookie Notice
  • Choose a cookie consent title and give a prior title and content.
Cookie Notice
  • Now, that you have completely optimized, your cookie notice in WordPress without a plugin.

More than this, you can also scroll to the notice design section and check for ‘choose the position’, ‘Animation’, ‘button style’, ‘colors’, and a lot more for the constant Cookie.

Cookie Constant Pop-Up on Your Website

You can set a button class, and add some customized CSS code for your pop-up instantly. And once finished, you can save the changes. As to make your cookie consent banner more optimized. Now that you have added the cookie consent. banner or cookie notice on your WordPress website, and you have successfully displayed cookie notice onto your WordPress site.

To install and add ‘Cookie Banner oriented optimization plugins onto your WordPress site, click on the link below:

And to know more about the plugins and their functions or various types of optimizing the plugins, do check this:

For more WordPress queries and activity guides in WordPress do check out this link:

For more WordPress queries and activity guides in WordPress do check out this link:

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