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Why and How You Should Do a Website Cache Check? (Easy 2 Minutes Read)

If you want to boost your website growth, then there are various ways to do it. One of the most interactive ones is to make sure that you do a website cache check.

Now if you want to grow your web portal there are different ways such as expanding your search engine optimization and even financing companies to get leads but one of the easiest and most contemptible ways is to do a website cache check.

Now if you are confused about what is cache and why is it crucial that your web portal should provide this to Google or why you should do a website cache check then here is your answer. 

Now let us assume that your web portal is under development and there is some kind of modernizing going on through your live web portal. Now If a user accesses your web portal through this timezone they will confront an error. To reduce this error you need to authorize Google to update your cache. 

Advantages of caching your website over Google. 

  1. One of the most important things while maintaining a web portal is to offer a minimal and down-to-earth user experience. A user experience is directly proportional to your overall site growth and if your web portal attains a minimal user experience then it will have a certain amount of growth that will help you obtain more consumers day by day, so it is a must that you do a website cache check.
  2. Secondly, if your website is under construction Google cache stores important data, and just in case your website crashes and you lose it then that cached memory will help you gain it back. 
  3. Third and the last one is to provide accountability. Imagine if you own a website and your users are getting error pages while they are reaching your website. Then this happening will directly affect your overall growth and responsibility and your users will misplace trust in your web portal. 

Why Google Cache?

Google cache memory is useful in various manners and here are some more reasons for you to do a website cache check.

  • If your user is getting slow internet or internet congestion then their Google cached memory will help them attend to a smooth-performing website instead of a laggy website. 
  • Just in case any page gets deleted on your web portal then the user will be able to function on that deleted page because of their Google cache memory. 
  • Google cache memory will also help your user to attend your page while you are migrating your website and this will directly help you to attain user experience. 

Google Cache: The basics

Now here are some basics you should know about while researching this topic. 

Google cached page URL looks different than a normal page. Now for example, if this is your URL 


Here, you can see that this is a basic web portal and here you can see basic site data such as HTTPS AND TLD services. 

A Google cache URL is different and looks like this + dynamic query string

How to View Cached Pages On Google?

Cache pages are regularly updated, but your web portal won’t update the changes automatically if you don’t copy them from Google updates to your database. 

To stay on the top of search results you need to do a website cache check and also update your Google cache. Updating your Google cached memory will also help you inspect your Google account and your Web services. These easy methods are one of the best ways to do a website cache check.

Address bar

If you are using the Google Chrome browser then this method is best suited for you because you can easily check your cache by just typing cache in your Google URL. After this, you need to add your URL and directly press enter. 

By typing this URL you will directly go to your Google cache site. This method is one of the easy ways to do a website cache check.

Google cache search. 

Why and how you should do a website cache check - Google cache search
Why and how you should do a website cache check – Google cache search

Now another and one of the easiest ways to check if your website is attaining the data regularly is to go and search your website. 

After searching about your website you will see a green arrow just right beside your website. You will need to tap on that and select the cached option and then you will be able to see the most recent version of your Google cache page making it a suitable way to do a website cache check.

Web Cache Viewer Extension

Why and how you should do a website cache check - Web cache viewer
Why and how you should do a website cache check – Web cache viewer

Web cache viewer extension is another way to check your recently updated Google cache page. 

You can directly go to your Microsoft Store or any store and download the extension for free. You can also click on the title here and we will directly take you to the downloading page. 

After downloading the extension you will need to allow it through your Google settings. After doing all these and applying your extension to your Google Chrome you will need to go and right-click on the listings after that you will have to see the cache version and directly click on it and you will be able to check for your recently updated web page. 

Google cache tools

Now if you feel that these methods are complicated for you and you want a much easier way then you can also do a website cache check through the tools mentioned below. 

➜  Google Cache Checker

➜  Cache Checker Chrome Extension

➜  Search Engine Reports Google Cache Checker

➜  Dupli Checker Google Cache Tool

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In conclusion, yes it is important to check if your page is regularly updated through Google cache memory because it will help you to gain authenticity and security over your data and user experience. You should always do a website cache check which will help you in various ways by which you can easily check if your website is caching memory. 

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