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Best WordPress Christmas and New Year Sale 2023!

This festive season we have something very special for you. Yes, Express Tech is having the Best WordPress Christmas and New Year Sale. 

This festive celebration, you will be featuring savings and enhancements to your WordPress journey. We are excited to announce our Best WordPress Christmas and New Year sale, in which magic is created with special discounts on two of our highly rated products- ‘Quiz and Survey Master’ and ‘Responsive Menu ‘. 

So add some holiday spirit to your website just in time for the new year with WordPress Christmas and New Year Sale. 

Quiz and Survey Master- Flat 25% OFF

WordPress-Christmas-and-New-Year-Sale-QSM (1)

Quiz and Survey Master is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that helps you create WordPress quizzes and surveys within minutes. It is a feature-rich plugin that will let you create high-quality quizzes and surveys. Additionally, it comes with 40+ powerful add-ons with features like the ability to save and resume a quiz, view advanced reports, add logic conditions to your quiz, export and import quizzes, generate certificates, and much more. 

Quiz and Survey Master lets you customize all the text from anything your users will see and engage with. It helps you personalize your quizzes and surveys as well. Whether you are a web designer, blogger, or a small business owner, QSM gives you complete control to design and style the quizzes and surveys as per your requirements. 

Features of Quiz and Survey Master

Question Types

On your quiz and survey platform, you’ll find a wide selection of question types that give you plenty of room to meet different assessment needs. You may choose among radio buttons (multiple choice), true and false, open answer, drop-down, and checkboxes (checkboxes–multiple answers), fill in the blank, number type, or accept. You’ll always have a complete set of tools to design interesting assessments.

Customize Results Based on Score

With this plugin, you can customize result pages based on user scores. This personalization feature adds another level of individuality to your assessment, which enables you to give users in-depth feedback and information based on their achievements.

Emails After Quiz

After one finishes their quiz or survey, the platform makes it easy for automated email communication. It allows you to send customized result emails to your users, providing a convenient way for the results of assessment activities. This function can be customized with any text you like and can even add personalization.


Categories are an important way of arranging and interpreting your assessment data. By using the quiz maker plugin, you can classify questions. This permits the presentation of your scores in various categories or an average score across categories. This will help users understand your overall performance.

Countdown Timer

The integration of a countdown timer into quizzes adds dynamism and urgency to your assessments. This feature is especially useful for designing skill assessment tests or online examinations that use a time element in your evaluation.

Lead Generation

Besides its assessment functions, your platform becomes a useful tool for lead generation. The integration with popular email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Activecampaign, Zapier, Campaign Monitor and Get Response makes it possible to establish drip email campaigns quickly. This makes audience engagement and nurturing easier.

Share Results

You can also publish your quiz results on social networks, so you’ll feel accomplished and start discussions around your testing experience. This social sharing feature adds depth to your engagement.


As an administrator, you control when your quizzes or surveys will be active. You have complete freedom to determine the time and place for your assessments. Through this scheduling feature, you can decide at what time and date you want to start the quiz.

Limit Amount of Total Entries to Quiz or Survey

To manage participation effectively, you can limit the number of entries your quiz or survey receives.

WordPress Christmas and New Year Sale Offer

Discount: Flat 25% Off

Validity: 21st December, 2023 to 2nd January, 2024

Coupon Cope: CNY2024

Responsive Menu – Flat 25% OFF

WordPress-Christmas-and-New-Year-Sale-Responsive-Menu (1)

With this WordPress plugin, you can easily turn your normal WordPress menu into a fully responsive one that adjusts to fit any screen size in no time at all. It does not require any code. In addition to a full set of features, you’ll have control over your menus which you can customize according to preferences.

There are also captivating button animations introduced by this WordPress plugin, which lend an interactive interest to your website. It is easy to personalize your menus and make them more attractive. Furthermore, it also integrates touch gestures like swiping, so that the user experience is smooth and easy. And with the keyboard commands of Esc or Space, you can also freely control your website’s interactivity.

Features of Responsive Menu

Color Opacity

Every one of the 30+ color options comes with the ability to change the opacity giving you another level of customization. Check out the header bar above to see it in action.

Custom CSS

Easily customizable Custom CSS is included. This feature allows you to adjust the plugin to meet your specific requirements without having to modify any theme files. Your customization is neatly contained, so you can have a seamless user experience.

Custom Animations

For your Menu and button, you can select from several different Animation Types and Speeds. With animation for menu items when you open the menu, this plugin adds a dynamic touch to your webpage.

Re-order or Disable Components

Customize your layout by moving components or disabling them according to your taste. This feature gives you the ability to tailor your menu’s look and feel so that it reflects your vision.

Disable Background Scrolling

Most similar plugins that have this option have side effects such as the page jumping to the top when the menu is open. Responsive Menu has a special technique that lets the page stay in place when opening and closing the menu.

Custom Menu Triggers

Custom-tailored menu experience allowing selection of custom triggers. This allows you to define the interactions that are right for your site, putting you in charge of the user experience.


With a single click, options for customization can be imported and exported.

Accessibility Driven

The plugin is exploited on virtually every device, including yours. Designed for maximum accessibility, it takes priority.

W3C Compliance

This plugin reminds you that code quality is an overarching concern and the plugin follows W3C Compliance. Every release is thoroughly checked for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript problems, so the quality of code and compliance with web standards are high.

WordPress Christmas and New Year Sale Offer

Discount: Flat 25% Off

Validity: 21st December, 2023 to 2nd January, 2024

Coupon Cope: CNY2024

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