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How To Add An HTML Page To WordPress? Easy Steps

In this article, we are going to explore how to add an HTML page to WordPress. WordPress uses PHP to create pages. PHP is a programming language used to create dynamic pages. It can interact with a database and retrieve information from it. However, what if you want to show just a static HTML page within your WordPress installation?

Step 1: Installing the Plugin

DropHTML enables you to host your static HTML, JS, and CSS files in WordPress. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to upload your HTML and other static files.

You can download the DropHTML plugin here.


To install the DropHTML plugin:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click Plugins.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. In the search field, enter DropHTML.
  4. Click Install Now next to DropHTML.
  5. When the plugin completes installing, click Activate.
HTML on WordPress

Now that you have installed the DropHTML plugin, let’s go ahead and add your first HTML file.

Step 2: Using DropHTML Plugin.

To add an HTML file using the DropHTML plugin:

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. From the left pane, click DropHTML > Upload. The Upload Item page is displayed.
How to Upload an HTML File to WordPress

3. In the Upload Item page, enter a title for your HTML file.

Note: This is for you to identify the file in the WordPress admin and not the title of the HTML file itself. However, this will be used as the folder name where your HTML file is saved.

4. Add your HTML files to a zip file. You should do this even if you have a single HTML file.

5. Click Choose File, browse, and select your zip file.

Add an HTML Page to WordPress - WordPress Upload HTML File

6. Click Preview to view a Preview of the page.

7. Click Publish to publish your HTML file.

Step 3: Preview the HTML file

Here is an example HTML file, uploaded into a WordPress site using the DropHTML plugin:

upload html file wordpress

Step 4: Managing Your HTML Files

You can manage HTML files uploaded using the DropHTML plugin from the List section. From your WordPress dashboard, click DropHTML > List.

Click on any item to edit it.

Find the direct URL to your HTML file

To find the direct URL to access your HTML file, hover your mouse on the HTML file and click the eye icon.

How to Upload an HTML file to WordPress

Change the Folder URL

If you want to change the folder name in the address, click Edit next to Permalink. You can change the URL that comes after /drop to the URL of your choice.

Click Update to publish changes.

Delete HTML File

You can delete your HTML files from the DropHTML > List page.

To delete an item, hover your mouse on the item name and click Trash.

Upload HTML File WordPress - How to Add HTML to WordPress

To delete multiple items:

  1. Select the files to delete.
  2. From the Bulk Actions drop-down, select Move to Trash.
  3. Click Apply.

Ready to upload your first HTML file in WordPress? Give it a try and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section.

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