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How to Change Favicon in WordPress Site? 5 Easy Steps

‌WordPress gives very easy and simple steps to change Favicon or set Site Icon.‌

There is something important, you need to know before jumping in.

Login to your WordPress site installation as an Administrator. No other roles like Editor or Contributor etc. can perform this activity.

According to WordPress “Site Icons should be square and at least 512 × 512 pixels”, of course image cropping is also  available for large images in WordPress.

5 Steps to change Favicon or Set Site Icon

Step 1: Login to your WordPress site as an Administrator.

And get access to your site’s Administration Screen. It should look like:

Step 2 : Go to Customize option

Now in Main Navigation menu (black colored, left SideBar ) click on Appearance > Customize sub option.‌

Now you are in WordPress Customizer screen.‌

Click on Default Setting option to get Site Identity option.‌ (Generally Site Identity may be as a parent option)

Step 3 : Navigate to Site Identity

Click on Site Identity option. Select Site Icon option (Last Option) in left hand panel is WordPress site icon aka Favicon selecting option.‌

Click on Select site icon. Now select image screen will appear with two options Upload Files and Media Library.‌

Step 4 : Upload Favicon

Upload Files – Here someone can upload a new image by selecting or dropping the image in work area.‌

Media Library – If images are already added to the Media Library then option Media Library can be chosen.‌

‌If someone opts for Upload Files option and selects any image then the selected image will appear immediately in Media Library with some setting options. It will look like…‌

Now you can select any image for your site Favicon. (in our case the first image with check mark), the image you selected will appears in Crop Image screen

‌Hear you can crop the image and preview the same as an icon in  preview panel (Right SideBar). Adjust the crop selector in different ways and you can get your desired icon.

Step 5 : Publish

As a final point the Site Icon or Favicon will appear in  Site Identity Setting screen.

change Favicon in wordpress

Finally click on Publish button and check your Favicon with your site in browser, bookmarks, homescreen on a mobile phone or tab .‌


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