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How to Add WordPress Menu Icons Effortlessly Within 60 Seconds?

WordPress is now the hub of digital marketing and digital web-based portals where you showcase yourself or your business. WordPress offers a lot of customization, including WordPress menu icons. 

WordPress is currently booming when it comes to customization, and you can customize everything on WordPress depending on your need and the task you are doing. It is currently a hub for web-based services because of its interactive design pattern.

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How To Add WordPress Menu Icons?

Why Should You Add WordPress Menu Icons?

  • It depends on what kind of website or Web portal you are running and in each case, there are different types of menu icons that you should use. WordPress menu icon gives a professional look to your website and also helps you to maintain aesthetics. 
  • WordPress menu icons are easy to maintain and use. These icons also help people to understand what kind of content you make and also allow users an extra indication of what you’re writing about and what your website does. 
  • WordPress menu icons are easily done through numerous plugins and through WordPress itself and there is no need for you to have any kind of external knowledge including coding. 
  • There are various kinds of WordPress menu icons including navigation buttons and setting buttons but in this tutorial, we are going to teach you everything about WordPress menu icons.

How to Create WordPress Menu Icons?

WordPress has a lot when it comes to customization, and it allows users to maintain a lot of features, including customization of WordPress menu icons.

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WordPress menu icons can be done easily through various methods, but one of the easiest ways to do it is by plug-ins. Today we are going to teach you about menu icons plugins which are easy to use and also one of the best ways to add WordPress menu icons.

This plug-in is easy to use because you have options for various icons inbuilt, and it also includes some awesome fonts, and you can also create some customized icons.

For A Quick Setup

  • Now if you are a beginner, and you just started your WordPress web portal then adding WordPress menu icons can help you develop a user base and aesthetics for your website.
  • Firstly,  if you have a WordPress account then you’ll have to go to the WordPress menu, and then go to your article where you’ll have to choose a particular theme.
  • Now you’ll have to go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the Appearance menu tab. After going to the menu tab in appearance, you’ll have to go to the menu and search for icons. 
  • Make sure that your page is already configured, and that you have done everything except adding icons. You’ll have various options to set your icon and some of the options that you’ll get include the homepage, my account, and shop tab. Then you’ll have to choose the right menu add the icon and make sure you link the text, and you have to set a link so that it can locate that particular icon and set it for your menu item this is how you can add the WordPress menu icon easily.

Customization For WordPress Menu Icons

WordPress is famous for its plugins and the amount of customization you do with them. 

The plug-ins on WordPress also allows user to customize according to their needs and the plug-in we are using also allows you to customize various things before activating your WordPress menu icon these customizations include features like – 

Hide Label

The Hide label allows you to remove the text that is labeled to your icon. Every icon comes in with some kind of text and some of them are already removed but some come with text which doesn’t look good when you set it on your WordPress menu icon. 

You can easily remove it through this hide label tab and then your icon will be the only thing that is visible on the page. This feature is helpful if you are using any kind of social media icon and people are already familiar with that icon and what that icon especially stands for in that particular scenario.

Position and vertical-align

Position and vertical alignment are some features that allow users to customize the icon’s location and also move it according to their needs. These services provide you with an overall approach to the location relative to text and its vertical location.

This will help you with various things because alignment is one of the most important things when it comes to presentation and your Web portal is one kind of presentation of your service as an individual or a company.

Steps To Follow After Enabling WordPress Menu Icon

  • After enabling your WordPress menu icon, you’ll have to follow certain steps that will help you with the overall presentation and customization.
  • Firstly you will have to check the overall font size and if it matches your theme and WordPress web portal because if your WordPress menu icon has a bigger font than your overall theme then it will just look bad and can also spoil the overall aesthetics of your website.
  • Make sure to check after enabling the WordPress menu icon, and you can check if your icon looks presentable by just saving it and clicking on your site.
  • Colors are also one of the most important things, and you’ll have to make sure your WordPress menu icon follows the same theme color because it will be on your primary menu.
  • There are three kinds of menus for which you can enable WordPress menu icons which include primary menu, secondary menu, and hand-held menu.
  • Now if You are selecting the wrong menu for the wrong location then it can ruin your overall aesthetics of the site.


WordPress Menu icons can help you reach a larger audience because WordPress menu icons make a portal interactive and much more intuitive.

These icons showcase professionalism and also maintain an official look. Enabling these is easy as you’ll just have to set menu icons through plugins. 

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