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How to Create a Proper 301 Redirect in WordPress?

With the world shifting to a New Horizon of a virtual environment, it is necessary to know how things work in this new world. WordPress is an online web portal that helps you maintain your blogs and even your business. WordPress is easy to use, but there are some ways to maintain proper SEO health and authority. 301 redirect is an easy way to help you maintain a sustained page for your blog. 301 redirect can help you improve your user experience as well as conserve SEO growth.

There are many methods to sustain your WordPress, but with this 301 redirect, you can improve your overall User experience. 

Yes, it is hard to maintain focused growth for your WordPress, but 301 redirect is easy and flexible. 

How to Create a Proper 301 Redirect in WordPress?
How To Create a Proper 301 Redirect in WordPress?

What is 301 redirect?

301 Redirect is an intuitive method for helping any user fix the 404 not found page. It also connects the user to the required end page. 301 Redirect makes an overall journey easy providing a better user experience.

Let us start with the basics of WordPress and browsing. Redirecting any process helps in providing a better user experience by connecting a user to the required page easily. It gives your browser directions on which page to show and work on, which also helps you maintain better SEO health. 

301 redirect is a permanent method of telling any user that your page has been shifted to a new address.

When do you need a 301 redirect for your website?

Let’s suppose you are famous and people know you for your name, but now that you have changed your name, there will be confusion, and people will not remember you as you were only famous for that particular name. Now 301 redirect will help the user with a direct connection to you through your new name. You can also clone your web portal, but your traffic and SEO rankings will change.

What if you don’t use 301 redirects?

If you are not using 301 redirects, it will cause a problem as your user will now see a 404 error page instead of your required page, making it a bad user experience. 

Not just a bad user experience, but it will also impact your SEO health as you can lose all your backlinks. It can also ruin your authority and rankings. By using it, you will maintain your page traffic. It will allow users to directly connect with your new page.

What are 301 and 302 redirects?

301 REDIRECT = 301 redirect tells the user that the page has been permanently moved, and this address will never be the same.

302 REDIRECT = 302 redirect tells the user that the page has moved temporarily. You can use “302 redirects” if your portal is going through maintenance or a lockdown because of some error. 

How to get a 301 redirect in WordPress?

It is easy and flexible, and you can use various methods to enable a 301 redirect. Here is a list of helpful ways that can help you set us a 301 redirect. 

WordPress plugins

There are specialized plugins that can help you enable a 301 redirect for your portal. This method is easy to use and depends on which plugin you are using. You can easily add plugins in WordPress. Plugins are easy to use and you can also update them easily.

Best plugins for WordPress!


Redirection is a WordPress plugin that can help you maintain a 301 redirect for your portal. It can help you with a page-level redirection, and you can easily change the new link with the old one getting your user and SEO back to your new portal. 

How to use redirection?

Redirection can be done by going to tools and selecting the redirection tab. It will run a new tab, where you can create a new redirection. 

There are four basic options.

  • The source URL is the space where you will need to put the original URL.
  • Query parameters can be left as default for the best performance.
  • The target URL is the space where you will have to put your new URL, where you want your user to be.
  • The group is the tab that helps you to organize the redirects giving you a flexible space.

Simple 301 Redirects

Simple 301 is one of the most used plugins for WordPress used by many for maintaining their 301 redirects. You’ll have to allow it and then go to the settings and click on the 301 redirects page. It has two boxes, and you need to put on the previous and new links, and it will directly link them. 

Quick Page/Post Redirect

It has easy options and various redirection options that include 301, 302, and 307. You can also use it for META redirect. This one is easy to use and also allows you to redirect in two methods. It has quick and individual redirects. You can also use various connections with this as it has five options with three-link spaces. 

Safe Redirect Manager

Safe redirect is a professional system that helps you redirect easily and maintain a proper backlink. It is one of the safest ones on this list, and can easily be downloaded through Github. 

Yoast SEO plugin

It is a multi-functional plugin that helps us with 301 redirects as well. It has various other functions and will help you maintain SEO. It can only be used using a .htaccess file. If you are not comfortable changing the .htaccess then you should stay away from this one. You can use it by going to SEO and then clicking on tools. You can see the built-in redirection option that will easily connect your pages. 

Using .htaccess

It is one of the most dynamic options that will allow you to connect the pages correctly. It is not as easy as the plugin method, but you can easily do it once you get through the process.

Final overview

SEO is one of the main reasons for the extension of websites or WordPress portals. It also helps you gain authority. 

Adding 301 redirects can help your users to move into your new portal. It also supports you to maintain the same traffic for your WordPress even though the address has been changed. 301 redirect is a must if you need to work on a better user experience and SEO properties for your page. 

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