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How to Add Payment Methods in WordPress? (6 Easy Methods)

In today’s era, your website can become not just a platform for sharing your passion or business, but also a gateway to secure online transactions. Whether you’re a blogger monetizing your craft or an e-commerce store owner, adding payment methods to your WordPress site is essential for you.

Here, in this blog, we will comprehensively guide you through 6 different and easy methods by which you can easily add payment methods to your WordPress website. 


Why Add Payment Methods in WordPress?

Putting the payment ways in a WordPress site is crucial for making transactions between customers and businesses more open and secure. Offering different payment options allows businesses to serve customers with different preferences thus ensuring smoothness and trust in the buying process. This function also improves the overall customer experience, which eventually results in more sales and higher user satisfaction.

  • Expanded Customer Base: By providing the option of several payment methods, customers will have the flexibility to choose the one that suits them best, hence attracting a broader base of customers.
  • Enhanced Convenience: By offering different payment methods, the purchase process is simplified for the customers, where they can select the most comfortable option that could result in a higher conversion rate.
  • Improved Trust and Security: Integrating reputable payment gateways leaves no doubt in customers’ minds about the security of their transactions, hence gaining customers’ trust and diminishing cart abandon rates.
  • Global Accessibility: By implementing popular international payment options, merchants can accommodate clients from different locations, eliminate payment barriers, and broaden their target market.
  • Reduced Friction: Offering common forms of payment decreases the friction during check-out processes; this, in turn, minimizes the possibility that the customer will abandon a purchase and, potentially, increases the store’s customer retention rate.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Following the terms and regulations of the payment processing industry helps to avoid legal problems and protects both the business and its customers from any fraud cases or other disputes.

Method 1: PayPal Integration in WordPress Without Plugin

If you don’t want to install a plugin in your WordPress site to avoid the burden of the website’s operation, you can instead use and manually add the ‘PayPal Donate’ button to eventually set up the integration in your site. All you need to do is log in to your PayPal account and head over to ‘PayPal Payments’ >> ‘Get Paid’. Look through the PayPal buttons page on this page, Simply click on the Donate button option and you can add this Donate button to your WordPress. PayPal integration is made very simple without the usage of any plugin.

Integration of PayPal with a plugin is the best-advised step.

payment methods - wordpress payment
PayPal Integration in WordPress without Plugin – Payment Methods

Method 2: Add Payment Gateway in WordPress

Installing the payment gateway in WordPress is simple and can be adopted with a plugin called the ‘Payment Gateway’ plugin. For this,

  • You will need to log in to your WordPress site and head over to the dashboard,
  • Click on ‘Plugins’,
  • ‘Add New’ on the left-hand side of your dashboard and
  • Choose to click the Upload option.
  • Then, choose the file to select a zip file from your computer. This is only applicable if you’ve already downloaded the ‘Payment Gateway’ plugin from the official WordPress site as a zip file.
  • Else, you can install the plugin directly into the WordPress site from the plugins section. For this, head over to Add New and then head over to the search bar and search for the keyword ‘payment gateway’ and automatically will first pop out with this plugin (payment gateway plugin). Now, install it, and once installed and activated from now you can easily get access to a payment gateway in WordPress. Thus you can add any payment gateway instantly to your WordPress site. Now that you have added the payment methods to your WordPress site.

Method 3: WordPress PayPal Plugin

WordPress PayPal Plugins: There are infinite plugins for adding Paypal to your WordPress more efficiently and in an enhanced manner. WordPress officially has a plugin called WordPress PayPal plugin for this operation. This plugin allows any person who directly has access to the site that you’ve created to easily create a PayPal ‘Buy Now, ‘Add To Cart’ option, ‘Donation’, or ‘Subscription’ type buttons easily and instantly on your WordPress site. These buttons are generated dynamically and use shortcuts to enable this PayPal checkout on your WordPress site.

That is why a plugin is more prescribed than the manual method. Your customers now will be able to add your products add their products to the cart, add the credit card options, and the rest with this plugin. WP PayPal supports PayPal sandbox. It is a simulation and one meant that allows you to do the testing for purchases between a test buyer and a seller account. This is a very prime feature that no other plugin will most probably have.

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For this plugin to be activated, all you need is a PayPal account a self-hosted website that is running on WordPress hosting with the domain the link to this plugin is attached below:

Method 4: Creating PayPal Payment Buttons on Your WordPress Site

For this better customization on the WordPress site is avoided because has buttons and features that can be easily added. What you can do is head over to PayPal’s official site and the link to the buttons that are given below on the site. Looking through this website, you can see that it asks about which button you would like to create. It has smart buttons like the ‘Buy Now’ button ‘Add To Cart ‘ buttons, ‘Smart Subscribe’, and ‘Subscribe’ buttons.

payment methods - wordpress payments

Click on this smart button and fill up the button’s details like fixed price item description, item price, currency and the more of currency, shipping fee, tax rate, and exit rate you can skip some of the options but not many.

This customized PayPal checkout brings the idea of an easy checkout experience and setup. Copy the code that is generated once the customization form for the button is filled and complete. Once you’ve created the details about it is created and you can do the next step simultaneously.

Note: This particular experience can be used for a single product or service at a fixed price. If you want to enable this enabled to multiple items, use the developer documentation to set up PayPal checkout.

Now that you have added the payment methods to your WordPress site.

Method 5: Elementor PayPal Button

Adding the PayPal button with the Elementor does a checkout experience for a single product that is subscribed and collects a recurring subscription fee. You can choose from daily, weekly, or monthly payments and set these also in your WordPress site according to your needs and customers. the donation, add a donation button to your website, and collect money for a special cause. The redirect and thank you page automatically when the site crashes, or when the process is completed. You can add these two as a default option and make your profile much more optimized and your site much more professional sandbox testing.

This allows your site to get tested payments on a sandbox to ensure that everything works and properly and is managed accordingly. Design customization with PayPal for the PayPal buttons is available in the PayPal button widget to match your website so you can ultimately take a drag-and-drop option to add them into your website’s best word. Now that you have added the payment methods to your WordPress site.

Method 6: Best WordPress Credit Card Payment Plugin and WordPress Online Payment Plugin

Risk Credit Card Payment Plugin: The ‘best stripe payment plugin’ for WordPress is one of the best plugins you can use to add credit card payment and management methods to your site.

Best stripe payment plugin

With WP forms we pay simple pay Pro, easy digital downloads, WooCommerce, member press, LearnDash, WP full stripe, and stripe payments are payment plugins WordPress, which also enable multiple other features and access to your website. For example, WooCommerce makes it more professionalized and makes your website an e-commerce website.

Want to know how you can easily add Bitcoin payment gateway to WordPress, read How to Add a Bitcoin Payment Gateway to a WordPress Website? (4 Easy Steps)

The customization is a bit hard for a beginner. But for a professional WordPress user payment can be accessed and enabled very optimistically using the WooCommerce plugin. The necessity of you using a stripe payment method on your site can be these:

  • You will not need an account, which means your customers and website visitors will eventually not need to have a Stripe account to pay you with a Stripe.
  • It is a very popular form by which Stripe has persisted to be one of the most reliable online payment methods and is now used globally in huge companies with demanding companies such as Target, Lyft, UNICEF, etc. It is easy to use, which means stripe is very easy.
  • On-site checkout with Stripe, any user never has to leave your site to enter their credit card information and check out details, they can easily access it within the website and add those credentials.
  • Easy to set. There’s no requirement for hidden fees. Stripe doesn’t have any hidden costs and it does not allow that case in the budget. Due to this, your business becomes much better and more efficient due to this one, particularly important feature. You can add Stripe as one of the payment methods to your WordPress site if it suits your needs on the website.
payment wordpress plugin - wordpress venmo plugin

Everything Considered

These are 6 simple methods that you can use to add payment methods on your WordPress website. When you’re looking at your options, think about the payment methods your customers like to use and how safe each payment system is. By doing this, you can narrow down your choices based on what your website and visitors need, and pick the best payment methods for your business.

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1. How do I add PayPal integration to my WordPress site without using a plugin?

You can manually integrate PayPal by logging into your PayPal account, accessing the ‘PayPal Payments’ section, and selecting the ‘Donate’ button option. Then, copy the generated code and add it to your WordPress site.

2. Which plugin is recommended for adding payment gateways to WordPress?

The ‘Payment Gateway’ plugin is commonly recommended for adding payment gateways to WordPress. It simplifies the process and offers various options for integrating payment methods.

3. How can I customize PayPal payment buttons on my WordPress site?

Customizing PayPal payment buttons involves visiting the PayPal website, selecting the desired button type, filling out the details, and copying the generated code. The code can then be added to your WordPress site.

4. Why should I use Stripe as a payment method?

Stripe offers benefits such as on-site checkout, global acceptance, ease of use, and transparency with no hidden fees. Integrating Stripe as a payment method on your WordPress site can enhance user experience and streamline transactions.

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