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How to Stop Emails Going to Spam? 5 Simple Fixes

Are your emails going to spam?

Emails are still a powerful way to reach your audience and pitch to them about your service or products but online privacy and protection laws make it difficult to get emails delivered to recipients’ inboxes. But with a few correct practices, you can stop emails from going to spam. 

Here, in this blog, we have covered how you can fix emails going to spam. But before that let’s have a look at why your emails go to spam. 

Why Are My All Emails Going to Spam?

There can be several reasons why emails go to spam. A few of them are listed below. 

1. No permission to contact recipients

Sending emails to people who have not opted for your newsletter is a sign that your emails are going to spam. Use your website and content to engage your audience and gather good-quality visitors who are willing to subscribe to your newsletter rather than buying ready-made email lists. Buying such a contact list may lead to some serious consequences for you and your business. 

Better, create good quality content and try to convenience your users to subscribe to your email list. One of the most common reasons why businesses get flagged is buying a contact list full of spam traps. 

2. Not targeting the right audience

An email service provider like Gmail looks at the engagement rates and recipients’ behavior when they decide whether to put the email into the inbox or to spam. Subscriber engagement plays a huge role and to stop emails from going to spam, you should focus on the right set of audiences. 

Just in the urge to get more subscribers quantity-wise, don’t add anyone who is not interested in your brand or product. If you add someone who is not interested in your brand and services, they won’t open your mail and your emails will be marked as spam which in turn will affect your engagement rates. 

3. Inactive users

If you have a lot of inactive users on your email list then it might hurt your engagement rates. If your users are less engaged then there are more chances of your emails going to spam or subscribers deleting them without reading. We know that collecting emails is a tough job but you should not hesitate to delete the inactive ones. 

4. Your subscribers don’t remember you

This is one of the very common reasons why your emails make their way to spam. Many times a subscriber does permit you to send emails but they don’t remember it and mark your email as spam even if it is not spam. 

But how can you save yourself from this kind of situation? Well, you can use the same images, typography, and colors in emails that you used in the branding of your website. This will help them remember your brand pretty well. 

5. Inaccurate “From” information

emails going to spam - inaccurate from address
From Cheap SSL Security

An inaccurate “From” address is considered a shady practice and email service providers are designed in a way that when they find out any improper “From” address, they mark the mail as spam. So, make sure you add a proper name in the “From” field and don’t change it too often. 

6. Low mailbox usage

As discussed above also, email service providers consider subscriber engagement to send the mail to the inbox. One reason email goes to spam can be a low ratio of active to inactive or less active users. Even if you are sending a mail to the user and they don’t open it, there are high chance that your mail will be considered spam. 

7. Spammy text

Spam filters are designed in a way that when they find out words like “hurry”, “free”, and “now” and likewise, they directly move the email to the spam folder. But how can a single word trigger spam filters? No, a single word doesn’t trigger the spam filter, but when there are too many exclamations, all-caps text subject lines, or too many spammy words, then your emails go to the spam folder. 

8. No unsubscribe option

Don’t make it tough for people to leave your email list. The reason can be anything but your subscribers should never find it difficult when they want to leave the email list. Not having an unsubscribe option is one of the areas where spam regulations have become stricter. 

emails going to spam - unsubscribe button

Also don’t use tactics like invisible font size, unreadable font style, and a hard-to-check unsubscribe button. These things will only backfire on you. So, having an unsubscribe option can stop emails from going to spam.

9. Misleading subject line

Don’t ever intentionally mislead someone with the subject line just to get the view. This will not only help you send email to spam but also makes your company’s image bad. And once a customer loses their interest in you, it will be very hard for you to maintain your credibility, next to impossible. So, be clear with the subject line, and to build curiosity among the users, don’t mislead them with poor subject lines. 

10. Overly frequent campaigns

Sending too many emails altogether or running too many campaigns together is a big red flag. If a user receives too many emails from the same domain name then your emails are going to the spam folder without any mercy. 

Even if you are a reputed company, running overly frequent campaigns can be harmful to your business. Sending too many emails at a time can make your users feel overwhelmed. 

How Do You Fix an Email That Goes to Spam?

If your emails going to spam, there are several ways to fix it.

1. Better connections before reaching out

When someone receives an email from unknown senders, they are least likely to read it. Out-of-context and unsolicited emailing have low response rates and spam reporting. So, before racing out to your users, make sure to build a better connection.

You can connect to them via social media as social media networking is less noisy than email. Just make sure to introduce yourself before you reach out to them via email.

2. Short and relevant subject lines

Use short and relevant subject lines to stop emails from going to spam. The subject line is your first impression as it is the first thing anyone sees when they get an email. The subject line has the potential to make or break it. Make sure to not use spammy words, or too many exclamations, and don’t go with all caps. 

While finalizing your subject line make sure to have enough research about the prospect’s interests and activities. We will suggest you personalize your subject lines as they have higher response rates.

3. Optimize content

Since email service providers like Gmail also monitor your email engagement via open rates and response rates, it is important to optimize your content. Make sure you optimize it in a way that your users find relevant. 

You can increase your response rate by making your email more action-oriented. Like, ask a question or offer value and help your product’s value proposition. If your emails are going to spam, make sure they are relatable and easier to respond to as it will help your business take conversion forward. 

4. Use the right email client

Don’t use black-listed email addresses as IP addresses can harm deliverability. Blacklist stores spammy and promotional IP addresses and your IP address depends on which email client you use. 

emails going to spam - mx toolbox

MX Toolbox is a service where you can check your IP’s status. It covers most of the IP addresses and can help you resolve your low deliverability. Not using blacklisted IP addresses can stop emails from going to spam.

5. Don’t include too many attachments

More the attachments an email has, the more likely it is to get flagged as spam. If your emails are going to spam, one reason can be that you are having too many attachments. This is because fraud emails come with too many attachments as it is easy to get into the user’s computer and send malware. 

Generally, you should not send any attachments with the newsletter, and if it is necessary to send an attachment, make sure your users are aware ahead of time. If possible, upload the attachment first to Google Drive or Dropbox and then send it to the user. 

Wrapping Things Up

And that’s for this blog. We hope this blog has helped you understand how you can stop emails from going to spam. Email marketing is one of the strongest methods of digital marketing which can help you get better engagement if done correctly. 

This was a detailed guide on how you can improve your emails and increase your click rates and response rates. But if you still get stuck somewhere and can’t figure out how to stop emails from going to spam, you can hire WordPress engineers from JustHyre

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