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How to Change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress? (2 Quick and Easy Methods)

WordPress is now the hub of digital marketing and digital web-based portals where you showcase yourself or your business. WordPress offers a lot of customization, including changing HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress.

WordPress is currently booming when it comes to customization, and you can literally customize everything on WordPress depending upon your need and the task you are doing. It is currently a hub for web-based services because of its interactive design pattern.

HTTP is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is a network protocol that is one of the biggest protocols that helps connect browsers and servers. In an easy way, a protocol helps a user to get to its assigned space. A web browser requests HTML files including images, videos, and documents.

HTTPS websites are a secured version of any web portal and it is also identified as a secured data website on the Chrome website. Any website is much more secure when it comes to the “s” that is placed in front of it. If you are a WordPress user or you operate your web portal over WordPress then we strictly advise you to change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress.


  1. HTTPS is a secured web portal that helps a user to stay secure and also helps you to maintain a secured database. 
  2. If your website is based on a commercial web portal then using SSL will help you gain that HTTPS URL. Commercial web portals often use money transfers and for that SSL certification is one of the most necessary things. 
  3. If you want to boost your search engine optimization then change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress. can help you maintain a much better optimization because there are various browsers that also recommend SSL-certified websites.
  4. If you want to maintain a user base then providing security over their access is also one of the biggest things that count in on your user experience. Now if you are a creator then you must know that user experience is one of the biggest things when it comes to maintaining any specific content space. Changing HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress. can help you maintain a secure server which will directly count in as a better user experience. 
  5. Changing HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress. is completely free and if you give a 2-minute read to this article then you will understand how easy it is to maintain an SSL certification. 

Requirements for using HTTPS

If you want to use HTTPS in front of your website then there are various ways you can do it but one of the easiest ways to do so is through plug-ins and automated web portal services. If you want to change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress then there is a requirement list you must follow and you should check whether your website is able to do so if it’s not then you will have to make a new website with these requirements.

If you use these hosting companies then there is a chance you can get a free secured HTTP service.

Now if you don’t use these services then you can always purchase an SSL certificate which will get you a free secure HTTP server. It is also recommended by Google and various other browsers. We recommend you choose as you will get various offers and the best deals on SSL certification.

Setting up HTTP using various methods.

Now if you have enabled an SSL certification over your domain name then there is a chance that you won’t get a secure HTTP server because you will have to enable it in WordPress as well. You can use these methods which are mentioned below because they are easy to enable and maintain a secured portal.

Using plugin 

Now, one of the easiest ways to work in WordPress is through its plug-ins because they allow a user to do various tasks in easy ways. WordPress plug-ins also allow a user to maintain their web portal easily and with fluent settings. If you want to activate your secured HTTP server then we recommend you use a really simple SSL plug-in that is free and you can easily get a SSS certification on your website. If you are confused about how to add a plugin we also have a tutorial on How To Add Plugin.

How to change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress? - Plugin
How to change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress? – Plugin

If your website is secured with SSL certification then you also get a secure server tag on your URL which means that your URL will be changed to HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Now if you have downloaded the really simple SSL plug-in you will have to install it and activate it. You can also visit this link to know how to install a plugin in various ways. Now firstly you will have to go to settings and then find your SSL page. Now if you have clicked on the SSL page, this plug-in will automatically detect your SSL certificate and you can easily set up your WordPress site to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. 

One of the biggest advantages of using this plug-in is that you can also deactivate major errors that there are when it comes to an SSL certification with WordPress. This plug-in also allows the user to work easily because of its easy-to-attempt user interface and also its direct approach toward the task. 

Using manual methods.

Now the second method is the hardest one among these two because in this method you will have to troubleshoot your issue manually and you have to edit WordPress files as well. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that it is permanent and will give you more performance than the plug-in one. You can also add CSS to WordPress.

You need to edit WordPress code and team files as well and this is one of the hardest ones because you will have to gain a little knowledge about coding and then you can easily do this method. 

How to change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress? - Manual Method
How to change HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress? – Manual Method


  1. Now one of the biggest advantages of changing HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress is that your website will gain security access and you will get authority status.
  2. There are various functionalities that the HTTPS website does better and that includes cash transfer and even paying through various options. 
  3. In short, using HTTPS will help you boost your SEO  because Google also recommends HTTP:// instead of HTTP://. 
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