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How To Remove Categories In WordPress? (2 Minutes Simple Read)

Looking for an easy way to remove categories in WordPress?

Consider WordPress categories to be the dependable file system for your online content. Categories, like labeled folders for actual papers, help keep your website clean and easy to access. However, as your website and content strategy grow, you may realize it’s time to clear your digital filing cabinet.

For proper management of posts on your WordPress website, you need to have different categories. In this guide, you will get to know the various steps to remove categories in WordPress.

Other than just management, it also helps readers find the content they want to read quickly on your website. So, have you created many categories that are not useful to you, and then it’s better to delete them?

Watch this video to learn more about How To Remove Categories In WordPress.

How To Add A New Category In WordPress?

Before you get to learn about deleting categories, you need to know how to add a category on your WordPress website.

Every WordPress site comes with a default category named “Uncategorized.”

But that doesn’t specify content on your website. To add new categories, follow these steps.


Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

To begin, open your web browser and navigate to your WordPress website’s admin login page

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll be taken to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Posts and Select Categories.

Categories - how to delete categories on wordpress

On the left side of the WordPress Admin Dashboard, there is a menu. Find and select the “Posts” option. The Posts submenu will be expanded as a result. From this section, select “Categories.”

By selecting “Categories,” you’ll be sent to a page where you can manage and create categories for your blog content. You may initially see only one default category called “Uncategorized.”

Uncategorized - delete category wordpress

Step 3: Add a new category

Now that you’re in the Categories section, you can start creating new categories for your blog posts.

add a new category - wordpress delete
New Categories

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How To Remove Categories In WordPress?

After adding new categories, it’s now time to learn how to delete them quickly. You can either delete one at a time or all of them at once.

Additionally, you will get to learn how to delete the “uncategorized” category.

  • Delete One Category

Now on Dashboard select Posts then choose Categories.

Let’s delete the Android Category.

Step 1: Navigate to the Delete Button

First, log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and navigate to the section where you manage your categories, usually found under “Posts” and then “Categories.”

Delete - edit categories wordpress

Step 2: Approve the notification

Once you receive the notification, select ‘OK’. There you will have your category deleted.

wp get category
Android Deleted - how to add categories in wordpress
Android Deleted
  • Deleting Multiple Categories

To delete multiple categories, do the following.

Step 1: Select categories

Select those you want to delete. by checking the boxes before the categories you want to delete.

Select Categories - how to delete categories on wordpress
Select Categories

Step 2: Navigate delete button

Click on Bulk Actions and choose Delete.

Remove Categories In WordPress

Step 3: Click on Apply to delete the categories.

After doing so, you will have removed the categories.

Remaining Categories - categories in wordpress
Remaining Categories
  • Deleting Uncategorized

Uncategorized is the default category for every new WordPress website. But can you delete it? Yes, it is possible.

All you require is to set another category as your default category.

Step 1: Navigate Writing

To do that, go to Settings>Writing.

Settings>Writing - delete category wordpress

Step 2: Change Default Post Category

Change Default Post Category from Uncategorized to Windows 10.

Default Category - remove category from wordpress
Change Default Category 

Step 3: Save Changes

Scroll down and click on Save Changes.

Step 4: Delete Category

Return to Categories, and now you can delete this category.

Uncategorized Deleted - wordpress remove category
Delete Uncategorized

That way you will have deleted the uncategorized categories from your WP website.

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Everything Considered

You can keep your WordPress site user-friendly and clutter-free by following the methods indicated in this guide. So get right in and start clearing your digital home today, and make your WordPress journey to be smooth and organized.  Remember that keeping your website organized is a continual process, just like keeping a tidy room. 

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