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How To Add A Contact Form In WordPress? Easy Steps

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress Site is a step by step guide for beginners to demonstrate adding a Contact Form in any post , page or in Widget ready area of the site. A Contact Forms allow a user to connect or communicate to a visited site. Basically a Contact Form is a pre -formatted page with some fields like visitor’s name, comment box etc. to edit by a site visitor and this information is sent to site owner automatically by Email.

By default, WordPress doesn’t provide any pre-loaded or in-built Contact Form. Several Plugins are available in WordPress Plugins Directory to add a Contact Form in WordPress Site. Here we are using a Plugin WPForms to show how to add a Contact Form in WordPress site.

Add A Contact Form In WordPress Using WPForms Plugin

Step 1: Search The Plugin.

Search Result For WPForms Plugin.

Search result.

Step 2: Click On Install Now.

As clicking on Install Now button, the Plugin will get installed in your WordPress site. Now it’s time to activate the Plugin.

Step 3: Activate the Plugin.

Dashboard >> Plugins >> Installed Plugins.

Activate the Plugin.

After activating the plugin, WPForms option will appear in Dashboard.

Step 4: Click On Add New.

Dashboard >> WPForms >> Add New.

Add New.

As you click on Add New option, it will bring up Setup Page. See the image. Setup page having many options to configure our Contact Form. The panel under setup has Fields, Settings etc. options to configure a Contact Form.

Click On Fields Option.

Under the fields option you will get predefined Contact Form Templates, you can start with a blank one, or make use of an existing Template like Simple Contact Form. Here we are using Simple Contact Form as our example Template.

Setup Page.

Step 5: Click On Simple Contact Form template.

Edit Screen.

In the screen a pre-formatted Simple Contact Form comes with four fields by default. You can add other fields using drag and drop interface of Add fields Tab. Here we are adding Paragraph text field as an example.

Paragraph Field.

Now a new Paragraph field is added to the form. Left hand side panel comes with Setting option for a selected field. You can change label, add a description etc. for a selected field. A field can be deleted by clicking on delete icon at top right corner of the field.

Now it’s time to move for Settings options to configure Email, From name and other options.

Step 6: Click On Settings.

There are several options are available in Settings like General, Notification ect.

General option:
Here you can edit form name, form description, caption of Submit Button etc. We are leaving them as it is.

Notification option:
Let’s look at each option available in Notification option.

If you want to stop notification then set the toggle Button Notifications to Off, by default it is set to On.

Send To Email Address:

By default, these notifications are sent to site admin email address. The {admin_email} Smart Tag is set by default, it manes that if you use it then a notification E-mail will be sent to the admin Email address configured in WordPress Site. You can change it to any other Email address, even you can set more then on Email address separated by comma right here.

Email Subject:
Subject of Email, by default it is New Entry followed by Form Name, you can change it whatever you want.

From Name:
Name of notification E-mail sender.

Form Email:
E-mail Address of notification E-mail sender.

A notification E-mail reply, will be sent to this address.

Step 6: Click On Save.

After configuring your Contact Form press Save button given in upper right corner of the screen.

Step 8: Getting Short code.

Dashboard >> WPForms >>All forms.


Copy the Shortcode, you can paste it any post. See the image.


Let’s see the effect of inserting shortcode. See the image.

A Contact Form In WordPress
Contact Us.

You can also insert WPForms Widget in any Widget ready area.

Step 8: Widget Insert.

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> widget.

WPForm Widget.

Step 9: Add To Widget Ready Area.

You can insert this Widget in any Widget ready areas available in your theme. We are inserting it in Footer area.

WPForms Widget In Footer Area.

Now fill Title say Contact Us and set the Form as Simple Contact Form from drop down option, you can also check both the check boxes if you want to display Form name and Form Description. After setting all fields click on Save Button.

Let’s see the Contact Form in Footer area.

Add A Contact Form In WordPress site using Widget
Contact Form.

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