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How to Easily Fix ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ in WordPress?

How to Fix ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ in WordPress

Do you want to learn the easiest way to fix ‘The Site is Experience Technical Difficulties’ in WordPress? Sometimes when you update your WordPress themes and plugins you will dread seeing the ‘White Screen of Death!’. This error message is often displayed on your screen when there is some kind of issue in the PHP code of your website. 

The most difficult part about fixing ‘The Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ is that it will never address the details of the actual error. Your visitors will also be able to see the error which will create a negative impact on your traffic rate and eventually lead to a decrease the revenue. 

Among many reasons, the main reasons for this error are incompatibility or conflict between themes and plugins, PHP errors, server issues, malware, and botched updates,

So, if you want to continue to increase the traffic and overall performance learn the simplest way to fix ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ in the WordPress website without any kind of hassle. 

Now without wasting any more time let’s proceed further to fix ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ in WordPress.

Fix ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ in WordPress

The most likely problem for ‘The Site is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ in WordPress is the Theme or plugin update. But, in some cases, this error message will also be shown when nothing is wrong. It means that your website might also be in the process of automatic updates. 

Note: We would recommend you go through this article and make changes to your website only if you have basic knowledge of ‘How to use WordPress’. Otherwise, we would suggest you reach out to the expert or contact your hosting provider to sort out the existing issues. 

In this article, we will now go through the different convenient and simple ways to solve the ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ error in WordPress: 


1. Check your WordPress Plugins 

In most cases, your WordPress Plugins are likely to cause the ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ errors in WordPress. If you are using an outdated version of the plugin incompatibility issue with the latest WordPress version will crash your website. 

  • If you’re not able to log into your WordPress Admin, make sure to access your File Managers public_html
  • Move to wp-content>>plugins. Then try to rename your Plugins Folder. 
wordpress site experiencing technical difficulties
  • Refresh your site. 
  • If your WordPress site starts working, you must note down that there was an issue in one of your plugins. 
  • Figure out the plugin that has an issue and make sure to delete it from your Dashboard. 

If you don’t want to use File Manager, simply use 

2. Check your WordPress Theme

If WordPress Plugins are not creating ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ then it might be that your WordPress Theme is creating this error. In order to fix this:

  • First of all, log in to the Dashboard of your website. 
  • Then go to Appearance
  • Activate a default WordPress theme like Twenty Twenty 
we are experiencing technical difficulties
  • Clear the Cache.
  • Visit your sit in incognito mode. 

If the error doesn’t exist any longer, note down that the theme was causing the issue. 

Sometimes even if you are not using the theme, installing multiple them can still cause the incompatibility issue. In this case, we would suggest you keep the themes that you are using and delete the unnecessary ones. 

3. Upgrade your PHP Version 

tech difficulties

It is really important for a website owner to switch to the newest PHP version. The latest PHP version currently is PHP 7.4. 

If you use a PHP version less than 5.4, it doesn’t work anymore. This will end up with a PHP fatal error. This error takes place when the PHP version isn’t supported by WordPress anymore. So in order to avoid the ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ error, we would like to suggest you update your PHP to PHP 7.4. 

4. Enable Debugging 

The ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ error can be really difficult to fix as it doesn’t say much about the actual problem. But, don’t worry as WordPress provides a feature to Debug. The debug feature allows you to troubleshoot the existing problem of your website. 

As many of you might not be familiar with WordPress and the things that surround it, it will be difficult for you to use your Hosting account for navigation. 

So, you can simply use WordPress Debugging Plugins which will automate the process for you in a convenient way.

technical difficulties tab - having technical difficulties

5. Check Admin Email 

In most cases, the site owner will receive an email when they have the ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ error in WordPress. This email generally has the details about the reason behind the error message. 

The best part about this Email is that you’ll be provided with a link that puts your website into recovery mode. Sometimes you might not receive it so make sure that you go through your spam folder. 

Wrapping Up: 

We hope this article helped you to fix ‘The Site Is Experiencing Technical Diffifulties’ in WordPress. If you have any sort of confusion or queries, feel free to ask us about your queries in the comment section below. 

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