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Top 5 Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress In 2022

There are oceans of drag and drop page builders in WordPress. But how do you decide which page builder will work for your website?

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know how to code and wants to build your website from scratch, then a drag-and-drop page builder can work well for you. They have pre-defined customizable blocks that you can use and edit in a way that aligns with your website design.

The most amazing thing about drag and drop page builders is that they have ready-to-use templates. If you don’t know where to start, then these templates can guide you on your way.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned the top 5 drag and drop page builders in WordPress. But before that let’s have a look at why you should use drag and drop page builder.

Reasons to Use Drag and Drop Page Builders

If you are a beginner and just have started your website, you might find it challenging to customize your WordPress page layouts. WordPress’s drag-and-drop page builders let you customize your page layouts using ready-made features like content blocks, modules, and widgets. 

WordPress drag-and-drop page builder works with your existing WordPress theme. Also, most page builders are responsive and adjust themselves to the size of users’ screens. Page builders are an amazing tool to make a completely customizable website for all skill levels. 

Drag-and-drop page builders make it possible to build your website from scratch with drag-and-drop functionality. Since the components and pre-built, you need not have coding knowledge. That’s why, even if you are a beginner or a non-technical person, drag and drop page builders can help you customize complex elements and features with just a few clicks.

There are various drag and drop page builders which help you make dynamic websites. While looking for the best drag-and-drop page builder that suits your website, you broadly have to look for two key points. First, a broad selection of elements to add to your WordPress website and then the ease of use of the respective page builder.

Let’s see the top 5 drag and drop page builders in WordPress

Top 5 Drag and Drop Page Builders in WordPress

1. Tatsu Builder

Drag and Drop Page Builder- Tatsu - drag and drop for wordpress

Tatsu is one of the most amazing drag and drop page builders in WordPress. The interface is super easy and you can quickly familiarize yourself with the interface and get started with your journey to build web pages. There are amazing customizing components that let you edit sliders, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, spacing, padding, and much more.

It has features like easy integration with WordPress plugins, optional coding, site translation, import/export capabilities, and likewise. Tatsu is a powerful no-code page builder that can create beautiful web pages for your website. 

2. Elementor

Drag and Drop Page Builder- Elementor - wordpress drag and drop

With its super easy-to-use interface and wide drag-and-drop components, Elementor is the leading page builder in WordPress. With its amazing features and highly customizable widgets, you can create pages while seeing what exactly the outcome would look like. 

It has amazing customization features like box shadow, overlay, gradients, image background, animations, heading effects, mask options, shape dividers, coming soon mode, and many more. Elementor is a modern page builder with a broad range of ready-to-go page templates. Elementor is also a responsive page builder that adapts the size of the user’s screen.

Elementor has tools that offer pixel-perfect design. The interface is so helpful that it makes it a lot easier even for beginners to make esthetic pages that align with their WordPress website. It also has a premium version for people who want advanced functionalities.

3. BeBuilder

Drag and Drop Page Builder- BeBuilder - drag and drop wordpress

BeBuilder is another amazing drag-and-drop page builder with 80+ elements and 100+ pre-defined sections. Its drag-and-drop feature and navigating interface make it super-easy for beginners to create web pages. You can create any kind of layout by easily resizing elements, adjusting the spacing, and moving items around the page. 

BeBuilder is also a responsive page builder with which you can create a stunning webpage that too without touching a single line of code. It has a flexible framework in which you can put anything, anywhere regardless of the grid. If you are a technical person, then you can also set custom CSS and display content using conditions. 

You can create as many templates as you like and can control when a specific template or a section should be displayed to a user. It also has an amazing in-line editing feature with which you can create content directly in its target location, which helps you see what your outcome will look like. 

4. Divi Builder

Drag and Drop Page Builder- Divi - wordpress drag and drop editor

Another amazing page builder that helps you create highly functional web pages is Divi Builder. Divi is more like a WordPress theme with its WordPress post editor. It is one of the most polished site builder plugins which supports both front and back-end editing. 

Divi offers you a wide library of highly customizable layouts. It also creates responsive web pages with real-time visual editing. If you are a technical person, then you can control Divi’s custom CSS. Once you create any custom webpage and want to use the components again in another design, you can easily do that as Divi facilitates you to reuse your blocks.

Divi is a modern page builder with 2000+ pre-made designs and 200+ full website packs. Just like the above two-page builder, it also has features like Hover State Styling, Responsive Editing, shape dividers, border options, transforms controls, and effects. 

5. SeedProd

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Last but not least, we have SeedProd on our list. SeedProd is the best WordPress landing page builder. So if you just have to create a landing page, this page builder can work. You can create amazing landing pages without writing any code. If you are someone, who doesn’t know how to start with a blank canvas, SeedProd offers you beautiful premade layouts and if you want to build your website from scratch, you can do that with the easy drag-and-drop feature. 

SeedProd ensures that your web pages are fast so that they help in SEO. Another amazing feature of SeedProd is that it has Multisite Custom Domain Mapping with which you can handle multiple websites from a single WordPress handle.

Wrapping Things Up

And that’s the top 5 drag and drop page builders in WordPress. We hope this blog has helped in finding a drag-and-drop page builder for your website. This was a detailed guide on drag-and-drop page builder in WordPress, but if you still have any problems or if you get stuck somewhere, you can hire WordPress engineers from JustHyre.

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